Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Presents New Opportunities

Many people told me that they want to forget 2008, but I disagree. Challenges always provide an opportunity for growth and development. 

OTech is offering a new class in 2009 on the Osirix viewing application, which is a great open-source product that runs on the Apple operating system, and is developed by a team under the leadership of Osman Ratib, M.D., at the University of Geneva. Our training class will provide students with all the skills needed to effectively implement and use this application in their practice. 

In addition, we are also now offering a one-day PACS fundamentals class, which is ideal for those professionals that do not need the full depth and detail of our complete PACS administrator training, but need to support these systems from a high level. Also, a one-day training course is obviously more cost effective as well; this allows professionals--with additional self study using our text books--to acquire a solid knowledge about PACS support. 

Our first PACS administrator study group just finished and several others are scheduled for 2009. This is an excellent tool for professionals that would like some guidance and structure in studying to acquire the knowledge for a PACS administration certification. Students complete weekly assignments using a study guide over a period of 5-10 weeks, and have an opportunity to interact with each other and an experienced professional in order to answer questions provide support for their certification exam. At the end of the study period, students should also be fully prepared to complete either the PARCA or CIIP certification. This service is free for OTech and Clarkson students, and requires a minimal fee for others. 

Talking about Clarkson, we are excited about our partnership with them as our students now get credits for our training toward the Clarkson programs to pursue a bachelors or masters degree, or enter a certificate program. This combination allows professionals to get their short-term, intensive training from OTech and then combine it with a degree program as a stepping stone for long-term career advancement. 

Our OTechU on-line classes also have been very popular. We are planning to expand this in 2009 with additional topics and certification options. This is especially attractive for those that cannot travel or have time constraints. I suggest you check out our free demo class. 

At OTech, we've responded to the current challenges of the economy by offering new classes to meet the broadest range of budget constraints, such as training on the Osirix free DICOM image viewer and our new one-day class. In addition, I expect that our on-line training and CD-based training will provide even more educational opportunities for budget-conscious students. We also recently introduced an enterprise version of our training classes that allows an organization to access any of our training classes. Combined with our study groups and our text books, we believe we offer the best selection of opportunities for professional training in 2009. 

I am excited about this upcoming year; do not hesitate to contact me or any of our staff in case you have any questions on how to best address your specific training needs. 


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