Friday, May 25, 2012

The Veddex Incident

The regular "Veddex-Guy"

I saw it coming. It was too good to be true. About twice a week the white vans with the red and blue letters pick up packages from our office. There are two trucks, one is called “ground” and the other one “eks-press.” For some reason that I don’t get, the first truck can’t take all packages and another truck has to come as well. I guess sometimes we canines don’t understand why humans duplicate efforts, but in any case, for us being charged with the security of the premises, it is double the fun.
The ground truck guy is really cool. He always carries little treats for us in his truck. So, as I spot him, I used to race outside, and as he comes down the driveway I would jump up and down with excitement. As he opens his sliding door I jump inside the truck to get to the place where he stores his treats.
Sometimes, there is another driver; I guess that even those Veddex folks occasionally need to take a day off to spend with their respective pets. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to talk to each other and these replacement people are not aware of the standard dog treat procedure. So, upon approaching their truck, they are as confused as I am. I try to tell them by showing a lot of excitement by trying my newest jumps, but most of them are absolutely clueless and try to ignore me. 
Now about our regular eks-press driver, he is a totally different person than our ground guy. He does not really seem to like our attention. He drives down the driveway really slow, and since we don’t know which van it is, I jump up and down and when he opens his door I jump inside. However, he tries to turn his back to us as I conduct an inspection of his pockets to see if there are any treats. 
Anyway, this approach procedure went on for quite a while and everyone was happy, till one day, this eks-press person left a note at the front door of our office. I don’t know what the note said but it can’t be good as my matron later on changed the rule on me.
So, now I don’t get to greet the Veddex trucks anymore except from a distance. I make sure I intimidate them, especially if there are newbees and/or replacement drivers, by barking and looking viciously from the back of the driveway. However, no more treats, less exercise as I do more barking than jumping. Oh well, life is not always fair for a canine, especially for me with this important guard task on my shoulders so as to secure and protect our master and matron’s premises from potential harmful intruders.
Respectfull, Sajiv, OTech chief security officer