Wednesday, June 19, 2013

OTech security update: The UPS Race

UPS making its daily run to our office
Don't worry,
I am not as vicious as I look
Boy-o-boy, do we like those brown trucks. Their drivers are first class sports man. Let me tell you how this goes. The truck comes racing down the street (they always seem to be in a hurry), but then, upon approaching our office, it suddenly slows down and approaches us very slowly and carefully. It appears he wants to approach the premises un-noticed. However, we are trained to spot any intruders and don’t let them fool us. In addition, our early warning approach system rarely fails as the neighboring dog typically spots the truck before us and has started to bark. He is a brown golden retriever who has a sidekick, a nervous little comrade who tries to bark in unison. Now, the problem with any canine who is let’s say less than 30 lbs is that they are prime targets for the coyotes who are roaming our neighborhood. Especially when they are in packs, they will go after our small brethren and many of them have disappeared. They coyotes tried to impress us one time as well, but my partner Victoria used to boldly attacked them and chased them away, however not before being bitten in the side, which required a few stitches from our vet.

But getting back to the brown van, we watch the approach maneuver from behind the window in the main office. Then, after about 30 seconds or so, as the brown truck man is looking through the truck window, he opens the door very slowly and then with his package under his arm, suddenly bursts out of the van and sprints to the front door. We have been watching for this and immediately jump into action. The rules of the game are to try to nip his package that he carries under his arm while he is running as we are jumping up and down next to him. Of course, he never outruns us, but he keeps on trying every time, that is why these brown truck guys are such good sports.

After the delivery, we perform an incoming goods inspection. We do that by carefully ripping the packaging paper from the suspected subject, which has been deposited on the front porch, to make sure that there was nothing there that might jeopardize the safety of our premises. For whatever reason, my master and matron now have a big box that they have the delivery packages put in so we can’t do a thorough inspection anymore. Oh well, if they want to take on the inspection responsibility on themselves, good for them, as we don’t need to bother.

So, of all our visitors, we love the You-Pee-Es people the most. They are true sportsmen, unlike the Veddex and other visiting trucks and vans. I think they deserve the MVP award of the delivery squad!

Respectfully: Sajiv, OTech's security officer