Thursday, January 28, 2016

HIMSS Interoperability workshop: Certification to the max?

Day 4 of the connectathon: 2465 tests performed (one more day to go!).

An important part of the IHE connectathon is the education through a series of workshops which are
Global center for health innovation,
site of  IHE connectathon
held simultaneously with the testing event. I participated in the Interoperability Workshop, and a  couple of observations from this workshop are:

·         The healthcare imaging and IT testing and certification landscape is still in flux and blurry (to me): as of now there are six options which seem to overlap at least to certain degree: 1) the connectathon, 2) the ONC certification of what used to be called Meaningful Use (MU) and is re-coined as MACRA, 3) the Concert certification, 4) the Continua certification activity, 5) the IHE international conformance assessment, and 6) the IHE Image share project with Sequoia. There are strong voices raised, especially among several of the vendors, to request some kind of reciprocity between these activities and there could be a significant opportunity for sharing of tools, tests, and specifications to avoid duplication of work and related cost.

·         HL7 FHIR is still very much under development, and is expected to have widespread implementations. Resources are still being developed and trial implementations are being tested. All major EMR vendors have either announced support or offer a FHIR in their latest release.

·         There is an interest to define a profile for the physical infrastructure, e.g. HVAC. For example, based on patient location (or absence), one could adjust the temperature and/or A/C in a room which could result in significant savings. This would allow “intelligent” buildings, similar to an “intelligent home” which can be controlled and monitored though the IOT (Internet of Things).

Overall, these educational events are very affordable (this was only $95), and one gets access to seasoned healthcare IT professionals who are very good presenters, they are very worthwhile attending (next year maybe).